Should You Use A Ball Tea Infuser?

Tea Ball Infuser - Also known as a teaball, tea egg, or ball tea infuser.

It is not recommended to use a ball tea infuser (also known as a teaball and tea egg). Besides the problems with many of them contaminating your tea with rust, coatings, chemicals, and other problems, they tend to restrict the movement of the tea leaves. The large holes of a ball tea infuser also provide for improper filtering. The large holes allow smaller tea particles to escape into the water. The restriction of the tea leaves in the ball tea infuser do not allow for proper tea steeping. We suggest using a fine tea strainer or some true-flavor filters like our Finum Extra Slim Filters or Finum Tea Glass System. Regular stirring of the tea while steeping allows for the tea leaves to freely move and be bathed in the water, thus ensuring maximum brewing efficiency.