Best Teapots

Not all teapots provide the same tea experience. Tea bags do not generally provide the quality of tea that one should experience. Some tea bags, like our pyramid tea bags, are qualtity teas. Most of the teas available in tea bags that you can get from your normal local store are filled with the filler tea that could would not be suitable to sell as loose leaf.

The best way to experience tea is with a tea infuser. Infusers hold the loose tea and keep the leaves from mixing in with the water. It allows the tea to steep properly through the tea leaves. We offer teapots with built in infusers for the most profound tea enjoyment in our tea accessories section. You should not boil the tea in the water, rather you should pour the hot water over the tea leaves in the infuser and allow it to sit in the water and steep for the proper amount of time. Some people use our teapots with infusers and have their coffee maker pour the hot water onto the tea leaves in the infuser.

Truly enjoy your tea and get the proper tea accessory in a teapot with an infuser.